Frequently Asked Questions

Frequency Asked Questions - FAQ
Questions and answers regarding the penis and device use

The effectiveness of Maestro Love is very high. You can help any girl squirt as well as get them attached to you. There will be no need to offer expensive gifts, drive her to different places, travel, etc. You need to give her love and learn how to squirt orgasm and then you can permanently get her attached to you.

Virtually any! Many websites say that this is not true, however, from practical experience, about 97% of girls reach a squirt orgasm! And this is a very big indicator.

It's possible, but incredibly difficult. The device has a vibration frequency of about 20 contractions per second, and it is 3-4 times larger than the area of an average finger. Because of this, it's easier to use the device than torturing yourself with using the finger.

You cannot identify the exact time frame. Some learn how make her squirt in less than one minute, and for others it takes 4-5 times to figure it out. Usually it takes 3-5 minutes. Enjoy the pleasant sensations!

The Squirt coach Maestro Love consists of the most modern wear-resistant material – USA Siltech Pro 2018. It is recommended to use it with a condom and it will be absolutely safe. It is also possible to use the device without a condom, and you will get a more pronounced sensation from squirting.

It is best to wash the device with ordinary water without using chemicals. The water temperature has to be medium or cold. Do not use hot water.

This is one of the most important questions. Many girls use different sex toys on their own. However, Maestro Love is created for a mutual experience, if you want to get real pleasure. You can use a variety of approaches. You can say that this is a surprise, a new invention, or you can say directly that this is a squirt machine that will help her achieve new sensations from sex.

The device is designed especially for couples. The woman has to relax and get maximum pleasure. However, girls can use the device on their own, but achieving female squirting orgasm is difficult. We recommend using the device together as a couple.

The base of the device stretches really well and it can be put on fingers of any size.

The whole problem with squirt is to find the woman’s G spot correctly. This is a very difficult task, because the surface area of the finger is small, and even if you find the G spot, then it is very difficult to apply the correct pressure to it. Therefore, with the use of the device, it will be much easier to learn how to squirt. If we draw a comparison, we can compare it with the person who walks down the road on foot, and the person who travels by car at a high speed.