What is squirting and how to make her squirt. Biggest result in minute

What is squirting and how to make her squirt

It’s not every man who always manages to give a woman an orgasm. Yet, it goes without saying that each and every man aspires to deliver his beloved as much pleasure as possible. It’s known that there are many kinds of female orgasm, but the most intense of them is definitely squirting.

How do women squirt?

Squirting is a jet orgasm, which presents an ejection of clear fluid from the vagina.

As a rule, the ejection of the so-called female ejaculate is accompanied by an unusually deep orgasm. However, discovering this phenomenon, many women are greatly embarrassed because they think it’s a kind of urination. In fact, it resembles sperm but does not contain any reproductive cells. Still, what makes a woman squirt?

Female and male sex organs initially develop from the same embryonic tissue. Squirting occurs when the G-spot is intensively stimulated, and that’s why some sexologists say that it can be considered analogous to the male prostate.

The G-spot is not just a point, but a lumpy area on the front wall of the vagina with paraurethral glands (“Skene’s glands”), which “embrace” the women’s urethra. A prolonged stimulation of the G-spot makes Skene’s glands swell. Swelling of the glands occurs due to the fact that owing to sexual excitement they begin to actively produce secretion (ejaculate), which, when reaching a great quantity, is ejected through the ducts of paraurethral glands.

Reading about this incredible phenomenon and the intensity of it, many a woman wonders, “How can I learn to squirt?” At the same time, men desperately want to know how to give such an orgasm to their women. Before revealing that secret, we’d like to tell you about the peculiarities of this miracle.

What is the difference of a squirting orgasm from the other ones?

This is perhaps one of the most exciting questions – what does a woman feel when she squirts? What's the difference in sensation between a jet orgasm and a vaginal or a clitoral orgasm?

1. The external manifestation

First, a jet orgasm is distinguished by its strong external manifestation in the form of a jet discharge of fluid from the vagina.

2. The intensity of orgasm

A squirting orgasm has unusually great strength and depth of orgasmic feeling of pleasure. The orgasm covers not only the genital area, but also spreads throughout the body. This feeling can be described as nuclear explosion, which is emitted from the vagina of a woman, and the blast goes around the body in all directions and turns the whole body into one big erogenous zone. The whole body begins to squirm frantically with the powerful pulses of the orgasm. After experiencing a jet orgasm, all the other orgasms begin to seem a lightning flash; they no longer satisfy a woman fully.

3. Duration

The duration of a jet orgasm considerably exceeds all the other types of orgasm. Squirting can be compared to a giant tidal wave. The average length of a clitoral orgasm is from 1 to 5 seconds. A vaginal orgasm lasts no more than 10 seconds. One cycle of the jet orgasm lasts for about one minute or more. Besides, squirting can be repeated over short periods of time, up to 10 or more times.

4. Post-orgasmic state of a woman

After the jet orgasm, a woman experiences unusually long euphoric happiness. The whole world becomes lighter, there is ease. If after the vaginal orgasm a woman rather quickly returns to her previous state, after squirting the euphoric effect can last up to several hours or even several days.

5. Emotional release

Every woman who has experienced in her life an orgasm knows that after this there appears a feeling of serenity, and anxiety and irritability are gone. But it naturally lasts only for some time. After the jet orgasm, the duration of this state greatly increases. The whole sense of the body changes, a feeling of happiness and joy appears, there is no negativity and depression, and mental processes improve. The effect of the jet orgasm is really stunning!

6. The increased interest of the partner

Men certainly show more interest in the jet orgasm of women than in the classical desire to bring a woman to a clitoral or a vaginal orgasm. After the first experience, men are usually surprised, but then they try to bring a woman to the squirting orgasm every time. Most men like to watch and to participate in the process of women's squirting, and this female ejaculate excites men as much as most women are excited by the male ejaculate (sperm).

Now that we are fully aware of the magic features of this orgasm, let’s proceed to the question of how to make it happen. It is known that squirting is quite a rare phenomenon in women, and it is very difficult to bring a lady to such an orgasm. At the same time, women are also anxious to know how to squirt. Visiting a sex shop, you can see a huge amount of goods that will allegedly become an additional helper in getting the desired jet orgasm. But it’s safe to say that all these “helpers” are actually just a waste of money. Still, there is one unique device that will really help in a woman’s getting a mind-blowing orgasm just in a few minutes. And the name of this orgasm machine is Maestro Love.

A squirting machine than works miracles

Maestro Love is a special device which will become a perfect helper of every man in bringing his woman to an incredible and powerful orgasm. As has been mentioned, getting the jet orgasm is considered to be rare, but with this unique device it’s quite possible – and easy! Your woman will definitely remain pleased, and you will become to her a professional lover who she is sure to want every day.

Using this machine, a woman can experience incredible sensations during a sex, which she has never experienced before. A huge number of people have already been convinced of the efficient operation of the device. With the help of this device a man will be able to bring some variety in the sexual married life, and each sex will be like the first time.

The main advantage of Maestro Love is that it helps you find the G-spot, which you could use to bring a woman to the orgasm. This magic spot will allow a woman to feel a jet orgasm. It’ll happen very quickly and the man will not have to make incredible efforts to make his sexual partner satisfied.

Maestro love is a device which has become a sensational discovery. In order to achieve the desired result with your fingers, you will have to train long and hard. During this time, the sexual attraction of your woman to you may cool down, and the relationship will end. Maestro love will help you save it.

The advantages of the device

The device is made of high quality hypoallergenic waterproof material. Thanks to this, it can be safely used without worrying about health. Also, a woman can use the machine by herself, getting a divine pleasure without the help of a man. In addition, we should also mention other important advantages of Maestro Love:

  • It’s very convenient and easy to use.

  • The device can be used by both a man and a woman.

  • With its help a woman can easily reach a jet orgasm.

  • It is made of proper material.

  • It makes fifteen thousand vibro-impulses per minute.

  • The set includes three batteries.

  • It makes no sound when being used.

  • The price is agreeable.

Reviews on the use of Maestro Love have proved its quality and effectiveness – both men and women are entirely satisfied with the product. The machine will enable you to master the techniques of giving a real pleasure to your lady. Forget the daily monotonous sex, the device will bring into sexual life variety and mind-blowing sensations. Don’t worry that the device will harm the delicate tissues of the female labia – it is made of soft hypoallergenic material and is completely safe.

The manual to the use of Maestro Love

The orgasm machine Maestro Love is very easy to use; every man can handle it with ease. Even if you have never had great skill in sexual relations, with the help of this device you’ll become an experienced specialist in female pleasure. Your sexual partners will be enchanted, and other men will envy you. All you need is follow a few simple steps:

1. Put the device on your index finger.

2. Turn on vibration with the free hand.

3. Insert the device into the vagina and look for the G-spot.

That’s it! Get ready for your woman to scream and squirm with a celestial delight and happiness.

The use of Maestro Love will bring your lady to the truly incredible sensations, and she will look upon you as a real passionate lover, who she is certain to want every day, and not just twice a week.