Secrets of squirting. How to make a woman orgasm? Simple method

How to make a woman orgasm – that’s one of the top questions every men. Make her squirt with machine and every day get a female orgasm. In previous articles, we have already talked a lot about squirting, that is, about a female jet orgasm. We have discussed its nature, its origins, features, as well as the popular myths that have grown over this topic. There is already a lot of information. A female orgasm is not as mysterious for men as it once was. Now we know enough about it and how we can achieve it. But today we would like to get a little closer to the other side of this issue – its practical side, namely to learn the basic 4 rules or 4 conditions, the implementation of which will help almost any girl to experience squirting.

When we talk about squirting, we need to understand that this is a very special kind of female orgasm; we would even say that it is unique in all senses. Therefore, the requirements and conditions for achieving it are also different. Keep in mind that there are many techniques, but very few of them are actually any good. Many guys, after watching porn movies and seeing how easily actors make their partners finish with a squirt, mistakenly start to believe that bringing the woman to a jet orgasm is like a walk in the park. In order to do this, all they have to do is just inserting 2 fingers inside her and moving hem there for a couple of minutes – and that's it, you have got the process figured out! But, in fact, it is not that simple. If you truly want to make her squirt, then there is a lot that you will need to learn before you can do that. Dumb copying of this technique without knowing the key reference points, subtleties and nuances is unlikely to lead to expected results. So now we will talk about the main key nuances that contribute to squirting.

Rule 1

Deep Breathing

The role of proper breathing in sex in general is difficult to overestimate. This is an important tool with which you can achieve a variety of results. For example, using the right breathing technique, a girl can enhance her orgasmic sensations, and a man can prolong sexual intercourse and not finish for a longer time. But as for squirting, breathing plays one of the defining roles here. And most importantly, it must be deep and unhurried. This is due to the fact that to achieve an orgasm a woman needs to sufficiently saturate her blood with oxygen. But only deep breathing can help in achieving this effect. This is the basic rule, but nonetheless it is really important. Without it you won’t be able to achieve the right effect.

What do girls do most often? As the excitement increases during the sexual intercourse, she starts to breathe more intense, but it still is a shallow breathing. This is not the best technique, since such a breath will not allow her to saturate her blood with oxygen. Therefore, the woman should try to breathe slowly and deeply, inhaling with her nose and exhaling through her mouth. If the couple tries squirting for the first time, the man should watch the breath of his partner and if it is necessary to remind her that she has to breathe properly and deeply. Your main goal is to find out how to make a woman orgasm and use this knowledge in the future. Breathing exercises are the first step and practicing them regularly is what you partner has to do. Don’t forget to support and motivate her, because only love and affection can truly help her believe that she can achieve a squirt orgasm.

Rule 2

Development of intimate muscles

Well-developed vaginal muscles are another indispensable assistant in achieving a squirting orgasm. Firs of all, as you may remember, the female partner needs to sufficiently saturate her lungs with oxygen. But in fact it needs to be delivered to the genitals, in order to fully saturate the muscles! This requires developed muscles of the small pelvis. After all, do not forget that the muscles are like a second heart. Their work causes the blood to actively flow in and circulate to where it needs the most. Efficient blood circulation is good not only for women, but for their men as well. An erection cannot be achieved without a blood flow to the penis. The pumping effect of the muscles is achieved during contractions and the stronger and more intense they are, the more blood will be coming to this particular area.

Secondly, the girl's vagina consists of smooth muscles. It is actually a set of muscles. And orgasm is most often accompanied by an impulsive contraction of these muscles. Although the contraction of these muscles during orgasm is not controlled by her consciousness, their contraction can be stimulated by contracting adjacent muscles, one of which is the levator ani muscle. Intentionally contracting it during sex or with help of manual stimulation of the vagina, you can achieve an orgasm. It is a whole process that will help you unlock the secret and find out how to give orgasm to your partner. A lot of different aspects have to come together in order to achieve the desired result. It is impossible without enough training and practice. Patience is another important element that has to be taken into consideration when trying to achieve a squirt orgasm.

Most girls contract these muscles during sex, but they do it in most cases subconsciously. But if you develop these muscles and deliberately contract them during the sex act, then the orgasm will come much faster and stronger. The same rule applies to squirting. First of all, by this you increase the blood flow in the small pelvis and at the same time increase the intake of oxygen, and secondly stimulate the contraction of the smooth muscle of the vagina, which become very active during orgasm. Try to notice the action of these muscles when you are having an orgasm and focus on them. These muscles will be directly responsible for the squirting action.

That's why it is very important for a woman to develop intimate muscles for squirting. They have to be trained all the time. There are many different techniques for developing the muscles of the vagina, but with the simplest one you can get acquainted in the article about training the muscles of the vagina for amazing sex. You will get important information, tips and exercises provided to you.

Rule 3


One of the main reasons that a girl is not capable of squirt orgasm is the tension in her body. All of us from time to time experience this. We get nervous by experiencing various negative emotions, which as a result settle in our body in the form of tension in the muscles. This tension disrupts blood circulation in the body and together with this the supply of oxygen. Therefore, in order for a woman to achieve a squirt orgasm, she must be relaxed as much as possible. If you want to know how to make a girl squirt then create the necessary conditions for this to happen. There is nothing better than an erotic massage to achieve full relaxation. Learn how to do an erotic massage for your partner. This will not only help relieve her of stress in the body, but will also allow her to get excited, which will also contribute to squirting.

You can help your partner relax in a variety of ways. Try creating a laid back atmosphere with the help of soothing music, dimmed lights and possibly candles. Make your partner forget about the long day at work or any other issues that may trouble her soul. Nothing has to stand between you, her and a powerful orgasm. Try to use some foreplay and be gentle while making love to her. Just make sure not to let her fall asleep. Your goal is to keep her relaxed and excited and the same time.

When there is nothing bothering your female partner, she can fully concentrate on her sensations and make sure to contract the right set of muscles during the orgasm. After you achieve it for the first time, it will be much easier to do it again in the future.

Rule 4

Stimulation of the G spot

The first 3 rules alone will never make a girl achieve an orgasm, but without them, it's unlikely that anything will turn out. They are rather preconditions for squirting, but the main key to achieving it, of course, is a special technique for stimulating the G spot. As you may know, this is an extremely sensitive spot for every woman and sometimes even finding it represents a difficulty for men. Doing things right here is essential in achieving the result you are craving for. Your knowledge may not be enough, but there is always a solution. Would you like to learn how to squirt and do it successfully any time you want it? Find out all the details in the course on how to bring a woman to a squirt orgasm, namely what techniques need to be used for this.